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Top High Paying Affiliate Programs With Lifetime Recurring Commissions 2017


In this article, you will learn how to select an affiliate program to promote and which are the Top High Paying Affiliate Programs with Lifetime Recurring Commissions.

Affiliate Marketing is the fastest and the easiest way to start earning online. Basically, when someone buys a product or service through your referral, you’ll get paid flat or recurring commissions.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on big ticket affiliate programs for digital products and online services. We’ll be discussing affiliate programs like Amazon Associates which pays you for promoting physical products in a separate article.

How to Select an Affiliate Program?

There are many affiliate programs available online.  I consider the following 3 criteria for selecting a product/service to promote.

  1. Quality 
    • Is it a world class product?
    • Would you buy that product for yourself?
  2. Demand and Competition
    • Does the product/service have high demand? The higher the demand, the easier the marketing.  Don’t worry about the competition, in this article, you will also learn how to crush the competition and dominate.
  3. Commission
    1. Per referral commission should be minimum $50 or monthly recurring.
    2. Effort required to promote $5 product is same as $100 product. So don’t waste money and time promoting low ticket items.

I personally like to promote Web Hosting  Services , Online Marketing Tools and Training programs which are always in demand.

Top Affiliate Programs And Commissions

GetResponse Affiliate Program

getresponse-affiliate-programGetResponse is a very easy to use autoresponder used for automating email marketing. They also offer Landing Page builder and Webinar hosting service.

GetResponse pays 33% recurring commission per month per user for life.

PlanMonthly FeesCommission %Commission per Referral
Email$15-$45033%$4.95 – $148.5 per month
Pro$49-$49033%$16.17 – $161.7 per month
Max$165-$58033%$54.45 – $191.4 per month
Enterprise$79933%$263.67 per month

AWeber Affiliate Program

aweber-affiliate-program AWeber is a popular email autoresponder similar to GetResponse.

AWeber pays 30% recurring commission per month per user for life.

SubscribersMonthly FeesCommission %Commission per Referral
0-500$1930%$5.7 per month
501-2500$2930%$8.7 per month
2501-5000$4930%$14.7 per month
5001-10000$6930%$20.7 per month
10001-25000$14930%$44.7 per month
25,001+Quoted30%30% of the quoted price per month

Four Percent System

TECADEMICS Affiliate Program

internet-marketing-college-tecademics-affiliate-programTECADEMICS, previously known as Internet Marketing College is an e-learning program which offers Entrepreneurship and Online Marketing training.

TECADEMICS pays 40% Commission per sale or monthly subscription.

>> Check out how this system promoted Tecademics and pulled over $3 million dollars in pre-launch sales.

ProgramRetail PriceCommission %Commission per Referral
TEC$100 per month40%$40 per month
Impact$2,00040%$800 per sale
Masters$10,00040%$4000 per sale
Elite$12,00040%$4800 per sale

Hostgator Affiliate Program

Ihostgator-affiliate-programt is one of the most popular web hosting service providers in the world. They pay flat fees per signup ranging from $50 to $125 depending on the number of signups per month. If you refer 21 members, you can earn $2,625 per month.

Number of Signups per monthCommission Per Signup

WPEngine Affiliate Program

wp-egine-affiliate-programIt’s a hosting service specifically tailored for WordPress sites and apps. They pay $200 per referral or 100% of the first month’s payment (whichever is higher).

No. of Signups per monthCommissionsBonusTotal
60$13,975  $1500$15475

BlueHost Affiliate Program

bluehost-affiliate-programBlueHost is one of the top web hosting companies collectively hosting well over 1.9+ million domains with its sister companies, HostMonster, FastDomain and iPage.

They pay $65 per referral.

DreamHost Affiliate Program


DreamHost is a LA based web hosting service provider and domain registrar. They pay $97 per referral.

ClickMagick Affiliate Program

clickmagick-affiliate-programClickMagick is a link management and tracking tool. It is useful for A-B testing , rotating URLs, and tracking conversions and sales.

You’ll receive 100% of your referrals’ first monthly payment after a 14-day trial – either $17, $47 or $97 depending on the plan they select – and then you’ll get 35% per user per month for life.

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
Starter (Monthly)$1735%$5.95 per month
Standard (Monthly)$4735%$16.45 per month
Pro (Monthly)$9735%$33.95 per month
Starter (Annual)$14435%$50.4 per year
Standard (Annual)$39635%$138.6 per year
Pro (Annual)$79235%$277.2 per year

LeadPages Affiliate Program

leadpages-affiliate-programLeadPages is used for building landing pages and capturing leads. They pay 30% recurring commission per month per user for life.

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
Standard (Monthly)$3730%$11.1 per month
Pro (Monthly)$7930%$23.7 per month
Standard (Annual)$30030%$90 per year
Pro (Annual)$58830%$176.4 per year
Advanced (Annual)$238830%$716.4 per year
Standard (2 Years)$40830%$277.2 every 2 years
Pro (2 Years)$100830%$302.4 every 2 years
Advanced (2 Years)$381630%$1144.8 every 2 years

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

clickfunnels-affiliate-programClick funnels is a software used by some of the Fortune 500 companies for creating sales funnels, landing pages, and membership websites.

ClickFunnels pays 40% recurring commission per month per user for life.

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
ClickFunnels Basic (Monthly)$9740%$38.8 per month
ClickFunnels + Backpack + Actionetics (Monthly)$29740%$118.8 per month

SEMrush Affiliate Program

berush-semrush-affiliate-programSEMrush is a keyword research tool for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization(SEO). BErush is it’s affiliate program.

They  pay 40% recurring commission per month per subscribe for life.

PlanMonthly FeesCommission %Commission per Referral
PRO (Monthly)$69.9540%$27.98 per month
GURU (Monthly)$149.9540%$59.98 per month
BUSINESS (Monthly)$549.9540%$219.98 per month
PRO (Annual)$699.4040%$279.76 per year
GURU (Annual)$1499.4040%$599.76 per year
BUSINESS (Annual)$5499.4040%$2199.76 per year

Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program

long-tail-pro-affiliate-programLong Tail Pro is a keyword research tool for researching Long Tail Keywords for Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Long Tail Pro pays 30% recurring commission per month per user for life.

PlanMonthly FeesCommission %Commission per Referral
Starter (Monthly)$3730%$11.1 per month
PRO (Monthly)$6730%$20.1 per month
Agency (Monthly)$14730%$44.1 per month
Starter (Annual)$300 ($25*12)30%$90 per year
PRO (Annual)$540 ($45*12)30%$162 per year
Agency (Annual)$1176 ($98*12)30%$352.8 per year

Udimi Affiliate Program

udimi-solo-ads-affiliate-programUdimi is a marketplace for buying and selling solo ads for email marketing. They are known for top quality traffic and high conversions.

They pay you 15% of the order amount when some buys solo ads through your referral.

They also 50% for prime membership referrals if you are prime member, else 25%.

You can activate prime membership for $9.95 per month and double your commissions.

Sample calculation: 50 (prime users) * $9.95 (price) * 50% (commission) + 5 (solos) * $90 (avg. solo) * 15% (commission) = $248.75 (for primes) + $3 375.00 (for solos) = $3,623.75 per month or $43,485 per year

Four Percent System

Shopify Affiliate Program

shopify-affiliate-programShopify is a popular ecommerce platform that lets anyone to easily setup your own online store.

Commission Payout is 200% Per Sale.

Payments are issued 100% for month 1 paid and 100% for month 2 paid of the customer subscription.

You can make up to $358 per sale on standard plans and up to $2,000 on our Enterprise plan!

What Next?

  1. Click on the title of the Affiliate Programs and Signup by going to Affiliates or Partners link in their home page. They are FREE to join.
  2. Many Affiliate Programs require a website for accepting your application. If you don’t have one, create a website for $1 with GoDaddy and HostGator.
  3. Learn how to promote multiple affiliate programs using a single system and dominate the competition.
  4. Start Promoting using Sales Funnel.
  5. Generate Income :).

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