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10 Simple Landing Page Tweaks To Double Your Conversions and Sales

10 Simple Landing Page Tweaks

In online marketing, landing page is essential for generating new leads and building email lists. It is also know as also known as lead capture page and squeeze page.

Landing page optimisation can increase the number of leads for the same traffic and save you lot of money.

Below is a list of simple landing page tweaks that can lead to increase in your website’s traffic, leads, conversions, sales, and ROI.

1) Include Testimonials

Boost your conversions by sharing what your clients or buyers think about your product or service.  If your client is a very popular brand or an influential personality, ask permission for using their name and feedback on your page. Most will say yes.

In the below example, Russell Brunson uses Tony Robbin’s testimonial in his Dotcom Secrets Book Page.

Dotcom secrets free book Tony Robbins Testimonial

Also display how many people have brought the product and best reviews.

2) Improve Page Loading Speed

Page should ideally take less than 1.5 seconds to load. Slow load time can increase bounce rate and decrease conversion.

Following sites can analyse and provide you information regarding page load time on desktop and mobile and also recommendations for improving it.

Try the following steps for instantly improving the load time.

  1. Optimise images and reduce their file size so that they are loaded quickly.
    1. Image Compression Websites:
      1. TinyPNG
      3. Optimizilla
    2. WordPress Plugins For Compressing and Optimising Images:
      1. Smush
      2. Ewww
  2. Use free CDN services like CloudFlare which offers caching and high availability.
  3. Don’t host videos on your server. Use 3rd party video servers like Vimeo, Youtube or Wistia.

3) Optimise For Mobile

Smartphone users are increasing day by day. If your landing page is not optimised for mobile, you could lose lot of potential leads.

It also costs less to advertise on mobile devices compared to desktop.

Always test your landing page on your phone and tablet before sending traffic to it.

I use ClickFunnels software for building squeeze pages that are optimised for mobile. It’s editor has mobile preview and options to change the font size and visibility of page elements on mobile phones.

ClickFunnels Squeeze Page Editor Mobile Preview

4) Make It SEO Friendly

Including relevant keywords in the headline, body, image alt tags, and meta description will increase your site’s ranking and can get you free search engine traffic. But don’t over do it by stuffing keywords. Keep it natural.

5) Remove Distractions

Landing page should be simple and neat. Remove unnecessary links and buttons.

Bounce rate will be high if you give the visitors too many options to click. Their focus should be mainly on the headline, benefits, and Call To Action button.

6) Make The Headline Powerful

Headline is the first thing visitor will notice on your page. It should be clear, short, and attention grabbing.

It should contain the main benefit without the explanation. You can include brief explanation in the sub-headline.

Also make sure the message in the ad is consistent with the headline.

Here are few examples of great landing page headlines:

  • How To Eat More and Lose Weight
  • 14 Ways To Get More Leads Without Spending A Dime
  • Ultimate Guide To Achieving Financial Freedom and Retiring Early

7) Use A Strong Call To Action (CTA)

Call To Action should be clear and direct. 

 CTA button should be placed above the fold i.e it should not require the user to scroll down to see the button. Use contrasting color for the CTA button so that it stands out in the landing page design.

Use action oriented words with sense of urgency.


  • Download Now
  • Show Me How
  • Get Started Today

Avoid outdated and over used words like Submit, Sing Up, Register, and Subscribe.

Visual Cues like arrows can also encourage users to take action.

8) Use Relevant mages and Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use one relevant image and explainer or testimonial video.

Having more images can increase load time. Image should compliment the colors used in the page design.

Don’t use flash video, it is not supported by many popular browsers like Safari and Chrome.

9) Add Retargeting Pixel and Tags

Retargeting is a cookie based technology that enables you to follow your audience. Most popular ad platforms support retargeting ads.  Facebook uses a pixel and Google uses tags for the same.

Not all will convert in the first visit. Retargeting enables you to display ads and recapture their interest, and bring them back to your website.

What is retargeting and how it works

Pic Courtesy:

10) Establish Trust

  • Use a custom domain instead of page builder’s URL. You can get a .com domain for as little as 99 cents from GoDaddy.
  • Use security seals such as Norton and TRUSTe.
  • Include Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms Of Service links in the page footer.


Above landing page tweaks are easy to make and will work for all types of lead capture pages.

No matter what tweaks you make, you always need to split test to check what works and what doesn’t. Split testing requires you to create two or more variants of the page and driving traffic to them. Based on the conversion rates, you scale the winners and drop the losers.

If you are serious about landing page optimisation , grab the free book “108 Proven Split Test Winners –  Simple Tweaks You Can Make To Your Website So You Can Make More Money Now”.

Russell Brunson 108 Split Test Winners Free Book

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