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Tecademics Affiliate Program Review – Is It A Scam Or For Real?


In this article, we’ll find out what is Tecademics, and whether Tecademics Affiliate Program is a scam or not.

What is Tecademics (Internet Marketing College)?

Tecademics was founded by entrepreneurs Chris Record and Jim Piccolo in 2016. It is an internet marketing education company teaching entrepreneurs principles and strategies for building successful business online. It

Is it a scam or for real?

Simple answer is NO.  You can join as an ambassador for free without providing your credit card details, there is no signup fees or monthly fees.

Chris Record is a popular name in the internet marketing circle, he has been in the industry for nearly a decade.

Affiliate Program is purely optional, it is intended for students who want to earn while learning.

When you sign up as an ambassador, you’ll get full access to 30+ training programs covering the following topics.

  • Facebook Advertising and Engagement
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Instagram
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sales
  • Ecommerce and  Shopify

Even if you don’t want to promote Tecademics, you should join for the high quality training programs.

Compensation Plan and Commission Structure

Commission is 40% per sale. For TEC, you get paid monthly recurring commission, and for other programs, you get paid flat one time commission.

ProgramRetail PriceCommission %Commission per Referral
TEC$100 per month40%$40 per month
Impact$2,00040%$800 per sale
Masters$10,00040%$4000 per sale
Elite$12,00040%$4800 per sale

You can also invite other affiliates to join as ambassadors. You’ll get 20% commissions for the first two sales and every fifth sale your sub-affiliate make.

For example, if your sub affiliate makes 20 sales, you’ll get 20% commission for 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th sale.

How To Dominate Tecademics Affiliate Program Leaderboard

Before learning how to promote Tecademics, let us learn how not to promote Tecademics or any affiliate offer.

Most amateur marketers make the mistake of directly sending the traffic to the affiliate offer. Direct linking doesn’t create any awareness or interest in the product, so this will lead to low conversions and low Return On Investment (ROI).

Pro Marketers use a sales funnel for promoting affiliate programs. Before the affiliate offer, traffic is first sent to a landing page which educates the prospect about the product and creates interest. This will lead to higher conversions and higher ROI.

I use 4% Group  TEC Mastermind sales funnels for promoting Tecademics Affiliate Program.

Check out the Tecademics Leaderboard snapshot taken today (29th October 2016). 4% Group members are dominating the Tecademics Leaderboard.

tecademics-affiliate-program-leaderboard 4% Group Leader Board

4% Team has sold over 3 million dollars worth of Tecademics products during pre-launch, all using the TEC Mastermind funnel.

Watch the video of 4% Group Founder Vick’s interview with TECADEMICS’s founder Chris Record and learn the 4% group strategies .

4 Percent Group TECADEMICS

With 4% Group, you can also earn commissions from other Top Affiliate Programs .

Here is a list of some of the other companies you can promote with the 4% Groups Funnels.

  1. ClickFunnels (40% Commission : $38.8 to $118.8 per month recurring)
  2. Aweber (30% Commission : $5.7 to $44.7 per month recurring)
  3. GetResponse – (33% Commission : $4.95 to $263.67 per month recurring)
  4. LeadPages – (30% Commission :$11.1 to $23.7 per month recurring)
  5. Udimi Solo Ads ( 15% of Order Amount and 50% of Prime Membership recurring)
  6. ClickMagick (35% Commission :$5.95 to $33.95 per month recurring)

If you want to maximize commissions, I highly recommend you check out the 4% Group’s TEC Mastermind system.

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