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How To Promote Affiliate Links For Maximum Commissions


In this article, you will learn how to promote Affiliate Links for maximum commissions and dominate the competition.

There are mainly two ways to promote Affiliate Links.

Direct Linking (Amateur Marketer’s Method)

direct-linking-affiliate-programDirect Linking is a direct marketing strategy where you send the traffic directly to the affiliate offer.

This is the strategy followed by most new online marketers, but unfortunately it is not very effective. This is one of the reasons fail to make money online and quit.

Since almost everyone is doing this, there is lot of competition. Paid Traffic cost will be high because of high competition.

When you directly send a visitor to the offer page, he’ll not be aware of the product and brand.  Because of the low awareness, conversions range between 2% to 5%.

This will lead to low Return On Investment (ROI) or loss if the return is less than what was spent for driving traffic.

If you want to survive in Online Marketing Industry, don’t follow this strategy.

Indirect Marketing With Sales Funnel
(Pro Marketers Method)

Sales Funnel is a system for converting Prospect to Lead to Customer to Repeat Buyer. This is an indirect marketing strategy followed by Pro Marketers to sell without selling.

Instead of directly sending the prospect to the affiliate links, prospect will be first sent to a sales funnel.



How Does Sales Funnel Work

  1. Captures prospect’s information like name and email.
  2. Educates the prospect about the product and creates awareness.
    1. What does the product do and how does it work?
    2. How is the product better than it’s competitors?
    3. Which companies use this product?
    4. Sales funnel can also have client testimonials.
  3. Provides solution to the problem.
    1.  Step by Step guides for solving a problem using the product.
    2. Video Tutorials teaching how to use the product to solve a specific problem.
  4. Establishes Trust.
    1. Instead of pushing the lead to directly buy, Sales Funnel provides value first before promoting the product therefore establishing trust quickly.
  5. Reduces sales resistance by clarifying doubts.
    1. Product Overview, How To Guides, and Video Tutorials will provide a clear picture about the product and clarifies doubts.
  6. Follow Up with leads.
    1. If the lead doesn’t purchase the product during the first visit, follow up mail can be automatically sent to remind and convince the lead.

If you are new to online marketing, you must start building your email list. This will be your biggest asset. List building is one of the main reasons why online marketers use sales funnels. It is one of the biggest free traffic resources for promoting products.

Note: Do not use your email list only for promotion. Provide value first and build relationship with your subscribers. This increases trust and conversion rate.

Advantages Of Sales Funnel

  1. Using Sales Funnel will lead to higher sales, therefore higher ROI.
  2. Builds relationship with the customer.
  3. Can be used to promote other products to the customer.
  4. Can be Fully Automated.

How To Dominate The Competition

I personally use the 4 Percent Group’s Sales Funnels. It let’s you promote multiple top paying affiliate products using a single system and earn recurring commissions from them without you doing any selling.

Here are some of the top companies which you can promote with 4 Percent Group’s sales funnel.

  1. TECADEMICS (Internet Marketing College) – (40% Commission : $40 per month recurring to $4,800 per sale)
  2. ClickFunnels (40% Commission : $38.8 to $118.8 per month recurring)
  3. Aweber (30% Commission : $5.7 to $44.7 per month recurring)
  4. GetResponse – (33% Commission : $4.95 to $263.67 per month recurring)
  5. LeadPages – (30% Commission :$11.1 to $23.7 per month recurring)
  6. Udimi Solo Ads ( 15% of Order Amount and 50% of Prime Membership recurring)
  7. ClickMagick (35% Commission :$5.95 to $33.95 per month recurring)

Commissions amount can increase if the lead opts for annual plan.

Advantages of the 4 Percent System:

  1. Build your email list.
  2. Website is not required.
  3. Save money on traffic. Instead of sending traffic to multiple products, you will be sending traffic to a single system which promotes multiple affiliate links.

Using the 4 percent group strategies, you can promote any high paying affiliate program and get good ROI.

Check out this webinar video replay on how the 4 percent system works and how is it unique.



  1. I think 4 percent group is not very effective and high converting. I have been promoting it but seems conversion part is very low.

    So I stopped. What about you!

    • admin

      I’m still doing well. The Best part is multiple streams of income. It’s gonna take off after their event in June.

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