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GetResponse Affiliate Program Review – Earn 33% Monthly Recurring Commission Per Referral

GetResponse Email Marketing Affiliate Program

If you are looking for a recurring passive income source, then GetResponse Affiliate Program is definitely worth checking out.

About GetResponsegetresponse-affiliate-program

GetResponse is one of the best and user-friendly email responders in the market. They also offer Landing Page builder and Webinar hosting service. It is used some of the top companies in the world.

GetResponse Affiliate Program Commission Details

You can signup as a partner with GetResponse Affiliate Program and earn recurring commissions for every paid member.

GetResponse pays 33% recurring commission per month per user for life. 

They have 2 Payment Methods, check and Paypal.

PlanMonthly FeesCommission %Commission per Referral
Email$15-$45033%$4.95 – $148.5 per month
Pro$49-$49033%$16.17 – $161.7 per month
Max$165-$58033%$54.45 – $191.4 per month

$263.67 per month

Four Percent System

How To Join GetResponse Affiliate Program?

  1. Go to
  2. Click On Affiliate Program under More>Partners in the top menu bar.

GetResponse Affiliate Program Partner

  1. Click on “Join Now” button and fill the form to complete the registration.
  2. After logging in, your affiliate link will be displayed in the Affiliate Center DashboardGetResponse Affiliate Center
  3. Marketing material can be founder in the Tools section.GetResponse Affiliate Marketing Tools
  4. Tracking and statistics can be found in My Stats section.GetResponse Tracking and Statistics


120 Day Cookie Life

If your prospect doesn’t buy immediately but returns to the GetResponse website and buys within 120 days, you get paid for the sale.

Top-notch marketing materials

High-converting banners, email copy templates, text ads, web forms, infographics, and more to help you get more leads and sales.

Real-time tracking and stats

You know exactly when and how much you earn. It’s all in your Affiliate Panel. Track free trials, sales, and earnings.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

You get 5-star affiliate support and coaching. Even experts sometimes need advice. Ask your Affiliate Manager or our dedicated, experienced support team.

How To Promote GetResponse Affiliate Program?

Once you get the affiliate link, do not send traffic (prospects) directly to GetResponse site. This will lead to low conversions.

When you are promoting an affiliate offer, always use a sales funnel for high conversions.

I use the Four Percent System to promote GetResponse affiliate program.  It allows you to promote multiple affiliate programs using a single system.

If you don’t know how to create your sales funnel or if you want to earn multiple streams of income from affiliate programs, check out this webinar video.

Four Percent System


  1. Wow thanks.
    I got the information I was looking for. Thought they are scam but thanks for your honest review

  2. Jackson Dillon

    Hey, just wanna know how long does it take to get paid out via paypal?
    Like after a sale that i make, do the comissions go straight to my account, or may i have to wait a week, or month?

    • admin

      Hi, Getresponse pays every month.

      • Jackson Dillon

        Ok, but what specific day of the month, like the 15th or the 30th/31st? And do i have to wait until the next month after i made a sale, like if i made a sale on December 30th, when would my money come out?

        • admin

          I found this in FAQs. Hope it helps.
          When will I get paid?
          “We review and verify all sales from the previous month on or around the 15th of each month. After they are reviewed and verified, any approved commissions will be issued to you on or around the 20th (variable – depending on weekends). Please be aware that given your payment type you have selected (Paypal, ACH, or ET), these providers might carry additional processing times that are out of our control. If you have any questions concerning a recent payment, please contact our affiliate support team.”

          What is the minimum payment amount? Can I change it?
          The minimum payment amount is $50. You can increase it, if you wish, by going to Settings > Payout details. You will be able to set the new minimum payout amount there.

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