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ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review – Earn 40% Monthly Recurring Commission Per Referral

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels is one of the hottest and top rated softwares used by top online marketers and businesses. It is one of the fastest growing SAAS companies in the world. It is very easy to promote and pays recurring commission, which makes ClickFunnels Affiliate Program one of the best affiliate programs out there.

It can be promoted to businesses, coaches, trainers, product/service sellers, book authors, etc.

If you are looking for a recurring passive income stream online, ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is definitely worth checking out.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a software used for designing and creating landing pages andsales funnels . It is similar to LeadPages, but much more advanced.

ClickFunnels also has  autoresponder, split tester, analytics, and many other tools built in which makes it very powerful compared to it’s competitors.

How Much Commissions Can You Earn With ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

You can earn 40% recurring commission per month per user for life with ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

They have 2 plans, you can get paid upto $118 depending on the plan opted by your referral member.

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
ClickFunnels Starter Plan(Monthly)$9740%$38.8 per month
ClickFunnels Enterprise Plan (Backpack + Actionetics (Monthly) )$29740%$118.8 per month

Commissions are paid weekly after the 30 day refund period as long as there is a minimum of $50 earned.

ClickFunnel’s 2-tiered affiliate commission platform also pays you 5% sub-affiliate commission on everything anyone your sign up promotes.

ClickFunnels has more than 9 books/trainings which you can promote and earn commissions.  Most of them are free which makes it very easy to promote.

Affiliate Program: FREE 108 Proven Split Test Winners Book

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
108 Proven Split Test Winners$040%$0
Upsell #1: Commission Krusher Template$3740%$14.8
Upsell #2: Instant Traffic Hacks$19740%$78.8
Upsell #3: Perfect Webinar Secrets$29740%$118.8
Total Potential Commissions (Maximum)$197.6

Affiliate Program: FREE DotCom Secrets Book

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
Dotcom Secrets Book$040%$0
Upsell #1: The Black Box$3740%$14.8
Upsell #1: Funnel Bundle$3740%$14.8
OTO #1: Audiobooks$4740%$18.8
OTO #2: Traffic Secrets$29740%$118.8
Thank You Page: Funnel Builder Secrets$199740%$798
Total Potential Commissions (Maximum Earnings)$967

Affiliate Program: FREE Expert Secrets Book

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
Expert Secrets Book$040%$0
Upsell #1: The Black Box$3740%$14.8
Upsell #1: Storytelling Secrets$3740%$14.8
OTO #1: Audiobooks$4740%$18.8
OTO #2: Expert Evolution System$19740%$78.8
Thank You Page: Funnel Builder Secrets$199740%$798
Total Potential Commissions (Maximum)$927

Affiliate Program : FREE Funnel Graffiti

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
Funnel Graffiti$040%$0
FunnelU Monthly$6740%$26.8 (Monthly Recurring)
Funnel Immersion$29740%$118.8
Total Potential Commissions (Maximum) 


Affiliate Program : FREE FunnelHacker Cookbook

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
FunnelHacker Cookbook$040%$0
Upsell : The Black Box$3740%$14.8
OTO : Funnel Immersion$29740%$118.8
Thank You Page: Funnel Builder Secrets$199740%$798
Total Potential Commissions (Maximum)$933.4

Affiliate Program :  Funnel Scripts

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
Funnel Scripts$49740%$198.8

Affiliate Program :  Funnel University

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
FunnelU 14 Day Free Trail$040%$0
FunnelU Monthly$6740%$26.8
Funnel Catcher$29740%$118.8
1 Year FunnelU Up Front$59740%$237.60
Funnel Catcher$29740%$118.8

Affiliate Program : FREE Marketing In Your Car

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
Marketing In Your Car MP3 Player$040%$0
FunnelU Monthly$6740%$26.8 (Monthly Recurring)
Funnel Catcher$29740%$118.8

Affiliate Program : FREE Perfect Webinar Secrets

PlanFeesCommission %Commission
Perfect Webinar Script$040%$0
Perfect Webinar Slides (PPT & Keynote)$4740%$18.8
Perfect Webinar Secrets Training$29740%$118.8

ClickFunnels also runs Dream Car contest.

If you get 100 Active Members, ClickFunnles  will cover the lease of your dream car (Upto $500 / Month) and for 200 Active Members: Upto $1,000 / Month!

How To Join  ClickFunnels Affiliate Program ?

  1. Go To
  2. Scroll to bottom of the page and click on “Affiliates link.Join ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  3. If you are not a ClickFunnels user, Click on “Sign Up to Become an Affiliate” button at the top of the page.Signup ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

How To Promote ClickFunnels?

Once you get your affiliate link, don’t send the traffic directly to the product page. This will lead to low conversions.

People don’t want products, they want solution to their problems. So, stop selling and start educating.

Always promote the solution instead of the product . Educate your lead how the product can solve their problem.  This will increase trust and he will most likely buy the product from you .

So, the best way to promoteClickFunnels is to giveaway free books and trainings which educates the buyer about sales funnels and its advantages.


You can also sign up for ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. It is FREE. You will receive training on how to become a successful affiliate and receive notifications about upcoming affiliate contests.

Access by clicking on the Affiliate Bootcamp logo below.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp



  1. I remember when I got my first affiliate marketing commission. It was from telling my client that they need a Clickfunnels account if they want me to help them with lead generation and Facebook ads.They signed up for the $97/mo plan. I got paid $38 commission each month. I had another client decide to sign up for the $997 Clickfunnels bundle. I got paid $400!!!

  2. Hi Sanjay. That’s cool keep growing the work

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